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Eater Awards 2015: Announcing the San Francisco Winners

It is now time — drumroll, please — to announce the winners of the 2015 Eater Awards in San Francisco. These winners comprise a diverse group of the finest and most interesting chefs, restaurants and bartenders in the city. They’ve defined this year in dining, and we applaud them.

First, a quick recap: Eater’s local editors in 24 cities nominated candidates for five major categories: Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, So Hot Right Now Restaurant, and Stone Cold Stunner. These awards are geared toward places that have opened in about the past year, or people who have become involved in new ventures or otherwise changed the game in that time, which is why many renowned veterans don’t appear. Eater readers then voted to narrow the field to a final three in each category. From that final three, the Eater editorial team chose one to move forward. The national winners can be viewed here — without further ado, here’s who came out on top in San Francisco.


Nominees: Val Cantu (Californios), Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn), Jason Halverson (Stones Throw, Trestle), David Kinch (Manresa), Daniel Patterson (Alta CA, Aster, Coi, PB, Haven)
Finalists: Cal Vantu, Dominique Crenn, Jason Halverson
Winner: Jason Halverson
In a city brimming with high rents and over-the-top dining options, the advent of Jason Halverson’s $35 three-course prix fixe has proved a savior for diners suffering from tasting menu fatigue. The chef has crafted a cost-effective menu that doesn’t skimp on flavor and skillful execution — something industry veterans (and now diners) know is no small feat.

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